Hello! Just had a pain procedure for my lumbar spine, and a young male nurse who was assisting, spoke of trying to get through to his father regarding the benefits of marijuana that might be helpful to his father who was ignoring him. I said, “Send him to me!”

So here you are!

Because I am a woman of many years you have come to me to get some straight talk about what I have found to be true for me even though I didn’t do marijuana back in the day.

It certainly was available to me then as I lived with someone who smoked day and night while I helped run his business, however it speeded me up too much as it turns out I’m very sensitive to any drug. The one that was available to me at that time probably was a sativa but still others were smoking it at the same time as I and were going to sleep as I was up all night which was no fun with everyone else asleep! So I didn’t indulge during all of that time.

Now many years later, after slipping on the snow in Colorado, I fell on my keister and begin to have pain down my right thigh which brought me to a doctor who after three epidurals said I could have no more and would need to have surgery, so I did.

He gave me a four vertebrae lumbar fusion which began to give me pain in about 6 weeks and he refused to give me any heavier pain relief than something that didn’t work, so after lying in bed crying for 3 days I got angry!

I called a dear friend in Los Angeles who was married to a doctor, and told her my story. She told me to go to an arthritis doctor and I found the best in town. He gave me a prescription for Vicodin which I used for some years until I found a chiropractor who used a “proadjuster.” I decided to go to him three times a week. Having good insurance, I could do that. Within a couple of months the pain started to decrease and I started to decrease my Vicodin by a little at a time until I was totally off of it.

Then in a few years here came the pain again and once again I went to my arthritis doctor and renewed my prescription for 5 mgs of Vicodin, every 4 hours but by afternoon, the pain went away so I was taking probably four a day. Then I began noticing that taking the Vicodin was affecting my driving and that was scary so I decided I would try cannabis to see if I could get off of the Vicodin thus began my education, my own education, regarding cannabis.