Barely Sufacing…..

Had a bad fall during the move that really messed up my right shoulder so that I can hardly do dishes can’t mop my floor, laundry is so piled up….

…I was messed up in pain from the fall and the weather, I couldn’t even commit Monday, 2.10.2020 for my incredibly put-together-big-time-professional-from-The-Big -Town- 30- something- gal- dressed -out -of -Office-Magazine, the ten hours of work doing petitions this week that she wanted… And the light bulb went off! “I am fucking DISABLED!”

Tilt….another long story…..

….and it was Valentine’s week! Bet you would love me to let you in on that story: We were each broke and pretty much knocked out in pain from the air pressure changes, and had no weed. Hardly saw each other except for one surprisely lovely evening. Hmmm?

It is Weed Day: just did get a monthly special today, the 15th. 15th to the end of the month 1/2 off an 8th. I got the top drawer after a long discussion with my budvisor including his Sun Sign, Libra (okay so I am an astrologer who was pleased with our discussion and feeling he was an air sign so I had to know), and his experiences using marijuna to work specifically within his body to release pain. Not talking CBD here.

I am talking focusing the energy from this plant to work within your own body. Stumbled on this and was so extra- pleased to be doing this cannabis experience!!!!!

I signed up for a weed certificate after several years of Vicodin for my never-ending lumbar pain after a five- vertebrae lumbar surgery in 2006 at age perfectly–healthy- 66- years. I noticed that my driving was starting to suffer from the opioids. It was time to try Cannabis.

Have ended up doing three 325 mg vicodin in my mornings to drive with as I like to get out almost everyday. Then switch to marijuna at home in the afternoons.

Couldn’t find my grinder…is that what you call it? So broke the buds apart with my fingers, crushing pieces slightly and filled this glass chillim, I think they called them, half-full and lit it up and me.

“Ah, I think I will talk to my blog.”

New Year’s Eve Week 12.2019

First Utterances: Just signed up today at age 79 to work as a petitioner to get signatures for three petitions, two of which are Marijuna petitions.

Seems like I did petitioning in California in 1988 for three companies carrying 15 petitions and loving it! None of them were about marijuana however I did get one signed about trees that wasn’t even being circulated yet. When it did get circulated, I happily turned in a big pile of already- signed petitions!

I will try to keep you posted. Will know next week if my background check passed. I told my soon-to-be boss that I passed an FBI fingerprinting in Reno, NV in order to substitute teach back in 2001.